Nedap is proud to be

Key partner in this large-scale project

From 15 to 17 July, Scandinavian Farms hosted the opening ceremony of its newest large-scale pig farm in Lianyungang, China. This second commercial farm of the Danish breeding company in China is about to be taken in practice.

A globally impressive project because of its scale, high-tech equipment, and group housing system.

Nedap is very proud to be a key partner in this project, in cooperation with Nedap dealer  Agrisys from Denmark.  The partner companies and suppliers welcomed a total of more than 300 participants from all over the world at the ceremony.



The farm

The farm, named SFPI II, has a capacity of 7700 sows. The breeding farm that is located 80 kilometers away and covered by the same production company, will be producing 58.000 finishing pigs per round. The results at the first commercial pig farm (SFPI I) have proven that its possible to reach outstanding production results in China if the right management, equipment, feed, and genetic is implemented in the production. This second farm has the same ambition and goals: outstanding pig production results in China. Scandinavian Farms ‘Danish way of pig production’ includes, among others, high tech automation- and feeding equipment, group gestation pens and a strong focus on individual animal management. The stables are currently under construction and will be put into production in the foreseeable future.


Pig management by Nedap

What Nedap provides at the farm is automated individual pig management throughout the entire production cycle of the animals. Including identification, feeding, monitoring, separating, heat detection and sorting.  The farm is equipped with several Nedap solutions that make this possible: Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding, Nedap Farrowing & Breeding Stall Feeding and Nedap Pig Sorting.

Nedap ESF station on show in China

In the gestation stall 132 Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding stations, 32 Nedap Central Sow Separation units and 32 Nedap Heat Detection units will be feeding and managing the large groups of sows. A total of 2080 Nedap Farrowing & Breeding Stall feeders arrange that each sow automatically gets fed exactly tailored to her individual needs also in the farrowing and breeding stall. At the breeding farm 80 kilometers away, 144 Nedap Pig Sorting stations feed and sort the finishing pigs individually based on weight and sex.

The Nedap management software empowers the management and employees with operational and strategic tools, data and insights.

Seminar and farm visits

During the opening ceremony, farm visits were organized on Friday and Sunday.  On Saturday, the participants were inspired during the seminar, including substantive speeches and booths of the partner companies and a joint dinner. Nedap shared its knowledge and experience on individual animal managment with the 300 attendees from the pig husbandry in China and many other countries worldwide.