Know your cow. Control your herd. Improve your farm.

The need for continuous improvement is in every farmer. Improved production and profitability comes from decisions and actions based on insights. Insights come from analyzing and understanding your herd’s performance trends. Your herd’s performance trends are shaped by the individual animals in it.

The first step to manage cows individually and gain insights about your herd is making sure each cow is identified and connected to her own record. If you don’t know your cow, how will you know her impact on your bottom line?

Precision dairy farming

The world's most trusted RFID technology for smart individual cow management

Giving individual cows the attention they need is the way to reach optimum performance. By tailoring care, feed and treatment to her individual needs, optimal cow condition, health and production can be achieved.

Nedap’s proven and market-leading RFID technology accurately identifies cows in milking installations, feeding systems, sorting & routing solutions and more. It is the basis for precision dairy farming and automation on modern dairy farms, providing enormous efficiency gains, especially with ever-increasing herds.

For more than 45 years, Nedap has been offering an extensive range of reliable, ISO compliant RFID solutions for identifying, feeding, sorting and routing cows. They are applied by world-leading suppliers of milking equipment and farm automation, who integrate our technology into their solutions.