Mar 21 - Mar 21, 2022
San Francisco, USA

Animal AgTech innovation summit

From Concept to Action: Towards a Sustainable, Healthy and Productive Livestock & Dairy Industry

Animal AgTech returns to San Francisco on March 21, 2022, for a full day of rich content and networking focused on innovation in animal health, nutrition and precision farming.

From carbon-smart innovations and early disease detection to precision farming, robotics and AI, this summit will address the pain-points and opportunities at the core of the US livestock and dairy industry.

As we strive towards a shared goal of producing more protein whilst using less resources, the world’s leading animal health and nutrition providers, producers, tech pioneers, entrepreneurs, and investors will meet under one roof for the first time in three years to share ideas, be inspired and identify future partners.

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Tera Baker
Application & Marketing Manager USA| Dairy Farming
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