Monitorice la salud de las vacas para un rebaño más productivo y sostenible

Gestión sanitaria proactiva del rebaño

Nedap Health Monitoring registers the behavior of all your cows 24/7. It determines the health, well-being and nutritional status of a cow or group of cows in a precise way and identifies possible bottlenecks. With this information, you can find health issues early, intensively monitor transition cows and post-treatment recovery, provide better individual cow treatment and save time and costs.

Nedap Health Monitoring also delivers valuable herd performance trends  to improve farm processes and management.

Información esencial para

Mantener las vacas sanas y productivas

The Smarttag Neck measures the time and moments a cow spends eating, ruminating, being inactive and showing other active behavior. The Smarttag Leg does the same for standing, lying and walking behavior and also measures the amount of steps and standups.

The system compares this behavior with standards for optimum condition, the previous behavior of the cow and the behavior of the group she is in. It turns this information into relevant alerts, to-do lists and reports so you and your team can proactively manage the health of each cow and the entire herd.

Detect health issues before they become problems

Nedap Health Monitoring detects health issues before their clinical signs and symptoms are visible to the human eye. A change in a cow’s behavior can indicate a potential health problem.

Early detection of these abnormalities in combination with quick action helps minimize the emergence of health issues, and thus prevents the possible need for medical treatment, a drop in milk production, reduced fertility, culling or even death.

Monitor transition cows intensively

Closely monitoring the behavior of cows around calving enables you to identify which cows need extra attention during this risky period, when they are more susceptible to disease because of changes in the environment, feed, energy balance and stress.  A change in behavior may indicate specific health problems related to calving.

Measure post-treatment recovery

Eating, rumination and activity behavior are important indicators of recovery from health issues. Cows with abnormal behavior during recovery might need additional clinical examination to stay one step ahead of serious problems.

Real-time alerts and  to-do lists

  • Nedap Health Monitoring automatically alerts when a cow needs urgent intervention
  • Cows with abnormalities are shown on a list  with ‘animals to check today’

Clear  individual cow insights

  • 48-hour report showing complete time a cow spent across all activities
  • 60-day reports showing her day totals per activity and comparing her to the group benchmark

Joep Driessen, Centro de Formación CowSignals, parte del grupo Vetvice:

«One sick cow takes as much time as 40 healthy cows.”

Los beneficios de un vistazo

  • Aumento de la eficiencia y efectividad laboral
  • Menos problemas de salud
  • Tratamientos más efectivos
  • Previene la pérdida de producción
  • Mejora de la fertilidad a través de una mejor condición
  • Larga vida útil
  • Aumento en el número de lactaciones
  • Reducción de las tasas de eliminación
  • Reducción de los costes veterinarios y de medicación
  • Tranquilidad con un mayor control sobre la salud de tu rebaño 24/7

Casos de éxito

Miles de usuarios de la Monitorización de Salud Nedap en todo el mundo están convencidos del valor que aporta a sus negocios. ee sus historias

Dirk and Michael Schröder
Dairy farmers
Read their story
"We would make the same investment again today."

Sobre la granja

  • Dairy and crop farm
  • 500 dairy cows - 410 lactating animals - and 600 young stock (Holsteins and Canadian-Frisians)
  • Youngstock pastures at the end of the year
  • 10,000 kg per cow, with over 4% fat and 3.43% protein
  • 13 full-time employees
  • 1,000 hectares of land


Reduced calving interval
From 400+ to 397 days
Wilfred de Bruijn
Dairy farmer
Read Wilfred's story
“Heat detection, health monitoring and cow positioning is now a way of life.”

Sobre la granja

  • Wilfred runs the farm together with his father Anton
  • 114 cows, 100 young stock
  • Robotic milking


- 5 days
Reduced calving interval from 410 to 405 days
Klaas Ane Jellema
Dairy Farmer
Read his story
"The work is now done much more quickly. We have been waiting for this for years."

Sobre la granja

  • 400 dairy cows, over 330 are being milked by 5 robots
  • 250 youngstock
  • 120 dry cows and pregnant yearlings
  • 200 hectares of land
  • 3 full time employees


- 100 hours per year
Time saved looking for cows to inseminate

Integración completa del sistema Detección de Celo y Localización de Vacas

La combinación es clave. Nedap COWcontrol ™ siempre está equipado con la combinación de Detección de Celo y la Monitorización de Salud y puede incorporarse la Localización de Vacas. Combinar la Monitorización de Salud y la Detección de Celo significa ser capaz de conseguir mejor salud para las vacas, un rebaño más sostenible y productivo, maximizando los resultados reproductivos y mejorando la eficiencia laboral. Agregar la Localización de Vacas te permite ahorrar aún más tiempo y aumentar aún más la eficiencia.