Seamless selection with SmartSort

How convenient would it be, if the cows you want to inseminate today are already waiting in a row? How much time and money does it save you, your staff, the veterinarian and the inseminator if cows to be inseminated, treated or checked are together in a separate pen?

With the SmartSort sorting gate, cows that require special attention are sorted automatically to the right place, based on their heat or health status. Let the data decide and the gate divide. The Nedap SmartSort is a plug and play total solution, fully automated and offers you a seamless integration with various cattle management systems. Highest accuracy, stress-free for your cows, labor efficient and safer for you and your staff.

Work labor-efficient, safely and stress-free

  • Highest accuracy sorting with RFID-technology
  • Free cow flow through the milking parlor
  • Plug and play installation
  • Seamless integration with CowControl and various cattle management systems
  • Total solution for your dairy farm