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Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification.

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Smart and proven solutions for individual dairy cow monitoring and management.

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Our vision

At Nedap we develop Technology for life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives.

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Farm Ramon
Farm Ramon
Aleix Ramon, Co-owner, Farm Ramon
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"Nedap is providing advanced technology with options to provide detailed individual feeding strategies."

About the farm

  • 1,000 sows
  • Multi-generational family farm
  • One of first farms in Spain to use Nedap ESF


Reduction in pig mortality with automated farrowing feeders
Improved pig weights
In pens with automated farrowing feeders
Improved feed efficiency
ESF software allows for gradual changes in sow rations
Mel Gerber
Mel Gerber
Mel Gerber - farm owner
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About the farm

  • 200 sows
  • 2 Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders
  • Remodeled sow barn built in 1996


Estimated reduction in feed waste
No concrete removed
Group pen designed over existing floor plan in stalled barn
Improved air quality
Open pen design improves air flow
Alex Borst
Alex Borst
Herd manager
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"Health monitoring no longer based on feeling, but on facts"

About the farm

  • 400 dairy and calving cows
  • 350 youngstock
  • 4 production groups
  • 11.300 kg of milk per cow
  • 250 hectares of land
  • 5 full-time employees


+2 liters of milk
During first 60 days in lactation
42-43 kg of milk
During first 120 days in lactation
2-3 years
Recoup investment
Magropor and Vereda de San Marco farms
Magropor and Vereda de San Marco farms
Tomas Iniesta, Owner, and Juan Antonio Lopez, Production Manager
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Carefully managed groups and pens designed to minimize aggression and support a calm atmosphere.

About the farm

  • 3,900 sows using Nedap ESF at two locations
  • One site uses dynamic groups. The other uses static groups.
  • Farrow-to-wean operations integrated with Vall Companys Group


Calm sows
Pens are designed to keep sows relaxed and comfortable.
More control
RFID allows management to treat each sow as an individual.
Consistent body condition
Software helps adjust rations based on needs of different genetics lines.
Roger Cjuipers
Roger Cjuipers
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“Everything went according to plan. In fact, even better.”

About the farm

  • 350 sows
  • Expanded from 180 sows in individual pens
  • Sows housed in one large, dynamic group


Number of sows returning to estrus
More time
Automated feeding and heat detection improve work efficiency
From 24.5 to 29
Improvement in weaned pigs per sow per year after transition to ESF
Choice Genetics
Choice Genetics
Megan Meyer, production supervisor, Paramount Farm
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"The Nedap PPT data helps us select for and improve the feed conversion of the animals we sell."

About the farm

  • Paramount Farm is Choice Genetics' primary boar multiplier.
  • 64 Nedap PPT feeders

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